Who is Joe Melendrez ?

Joe Melendrez

Joe is a professional youth minister, inspirational speaker, and Catholic performer who welcomes new opportunities to bring forth the Kingdom of God. Since 2008, he has dedicated his…

Un-Limited – The Support Band

Two of Melbourne’s most established and sought after musicians. A young, professional and enthusiastic approach is what keeps them consistently playing. The dynamic duo can be supported by…


Secondary School Teacher

“Joe has embraced the youth and old alike and in this has changed many, empowered others, but shown his love of his faith and God.”
Kateri Bolton
(Incarnation Catholic School, teacher, Centreville, OH)


“I am pleased to introduce Joe Melendrez of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Joe has a tremendous knowledge and experience in ministry and is well regarded in his field and has my full confidence in his work.”
Most Reverend José H. Gomez
(Archbishop of Los Angeles, CA)

Youth Ministry Director

“Joe was exactly what the young people needed. His ministry is precisely what the New Evangelisation calls for: meeting the young people where they are, without compromising the teaching of the faith.”
Joe Koreski
(Director of Youth Ministry, St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Church, Carson City, NV)
"Each student that attended the youth rally lead by Joe Melendrez walked away with a renewed excitement, a new way to be a role model to their peers."
Kristi Lucero (Director of Religious Education St. Mary’s Church, Bloomfield, NM)

Review the Program outline

Each ‘Journey 2 Christ’ event with Joe Melendrez is all inclusive of presenters,  live band, audio-visual production, the creative and performing arts.  Each event will offer communities a unique opportunity to gather and focus on what is at the core of the 2017 Lenten story as they ‘Journey 2 Christ’ together in faith.
Check-out Joe’s Aussie Promo Video!

Presentation Topics

Joe Melendrez offers an assortment of faith focused talks, concerts, and retreats. Below is a list of some of Joe’s highly transformative topics.

The Best
The Holy Spirit has given us many gifts. How do we grow in our ability to share them and be the best version of ourselves?
We Remain Faith Full
As one holy Catholic family, let’s explore ways that we can remain FAITH FULL to God, family, friends and all those we will meet and encounter in our lives.
Don't be Afraid. Be A Hero!
This theme will assist in ways to overcome fears and doubts that may keep us from becoming a truly bold and heroic disciple.
Your ‘Journey2Christ’ Event
Booking  ‘Journey2Christ’ will give the young people in your community a fully inclusive Lenten experience like no other! Each presentation will be a high-energy event that will enable participants to enter more deeply into the 40-day journey that comes to fullness in the refreshing waters of Easter. All you need is a venue! The ‘Journey2Christ’ team will do the rest! All events include great music, songs, story, multi-media, and the performing and creative arts – centred on the 2017 Lenten journey.

Youtube Gallery

Checkout some of Joe’s performances. To view them all go to Joe’s YouTube page.

"The ministry of Joe Melendrez is energetic, gracious and awakens in young people a newfound confidence in the tenderness of God. He gives young people real access to the ‘Joy of the Gospel’ through his music, presentations, and retreats. And community will be many-times blessed by his ground-breaking approach to evangelisation."
Father Greg Boyle, S.J. (Founder and Executive Director, Homeboy Industries Los Angeles, CA)

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